Contact Lenses

O'Farrell Opticians provides a comprehensive range of contact lens services, which includes initial consultations through to scheduled check-ups. Contact lenses are incredibly popular as an alternative to spectacles, though without proper care can cause complications. As such, it is important that you consult with an optician regarding your eligibility and regularly attend examinations to ensure your eyes remain healthy. We regularly provide contact lens assessments, all of which are carried out in our fully equipped, comfortable consultation room using some of the latest ophthalmic equipment.

At O'Farrell Opticians we have daily and monthly  wear contact lenses available and can carefully select the most suitable options for your eyes. Contact us or visit our practice for more information.

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Contact Lens Consultation

Patients are required to undergo a consultation before contact lenses are provided as we need to assess whether you are eligible. In today’s age, it is uncommon for people to be unsuitable to contact lenses, nevertheless, we need to determine your individual needs which will also allow us to choose the most suitable lenses.

During the assessment advice is given on lens materials and best lenses for each individual patients’ needs. Also included is instruction on inserting and removing the lenses and a trial of the lenses before committing.