Eye Examinations

At O'Farrell Opticians we provide accurate eye examinations using some of the latest and most innovative ophthalmic equipment. Using this these techniques, we can assess the health of your eyes and make suggestions on any treatments which may be required.

If you have a medical card or PRSI you may be entitled to a free exam and a contribution towards your glasses. Contact us for details.

What To Expect From Your Eye Examination

Initially a detailed patient history is taken and any problems with the eyes are discussed in detail. The next step is to record the patients level of sight and any prescription if present will be determined at that stage.
A comprehensive ocular health check is then performed with tests for many conditions both directly related to the eyes or also the body in general.

Examples of eye diseases routinely tested for by us are:

  • Glaucoma

  • Cataracts

  • Diabetic eye disease

  • Macular degeneration

  • Retinal detachment / lesions

  • Hypertensive / vascular eye diseases

  • Optic nerve health

  • Corneal health including tear quality

  • Blood pressure

  • Diabetes

  • Abnormal thyroid function

  • Other systemic conditions may be detected also for example cholesterol

If the possible presence of any of the above is detected appropriate advice or referral is given. Occasionally drops may be inserted into the eyes to dilate the pupils. This enables a wider more detailed 3D view of the back of the eye to be seen. This would most likely be done with diabetics or if any unusual symptoms are reported for example:

  • Flashing lights

  • Floaters

  • Unusual blind spots

Upon completion, any advice or referral can be discussed.

Another aspect of eye care is contact lenses. We regularly perform contact lens assessment and provide thorough after-care. During the assessment advice is given on lens materials and best lenses for each individual patients’ needs. Also included is instruction on inserting and removing the lenses and a trial of the lenses before committing.

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